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high quality gucci belt aaa the protection of intellectual property rights has increased, fake gucci belt and there are many anti-counterfeiting behaviors in the market. However, there have also been excessive rights protection, copyright fraud, replica gucci belt and even porcelain claims. The counterfeiting itself has also been suspected of crimes.

For example, gucci belt in the black hole photo event, a company used black hole photos as its own copyright. If this is profitable, it is a serious crime wholesale gucci belt .

The use of other people’s works as their own copyright, that is, fictional copyright, in order to counterfeit profit-making behavior, fake gucci belt may be suspected of three crimes: the first is fraud (or contract fraud), with fictitious copyright, fraudulently confessing the customer’s money, the amount is big. The second is the crime of extortion, with fictitious copyright infringement, swearing at the other party, extorting property, and a large amount, cheap gucci belt suspected of extortion. The third is the crime of false litigation. With fictitious copyrights, it creates false false infringements, prosecutes the other party‚Äôs claims, best gucci belt replica and seriously disrupts the judicial order. False litigation is a unit crime. For those who use the company in the name of a false lawsuit.